If you don’t know what a vision board is then take a quick look at my Vision Board post.

I wanted to help others reach their goals and see their visions, so I started having Vision Board Parties.

I partnered with my therapist friend Monique to host this party as we had been discussing having one for about a year after I explained to her my vision board. The 1st party was in 2015 and I decided to make this an annual thing. 2015 we hosted this event at Nevada Partners and the 2nd year I opened up my home to have our family and friends there.

              Monique Harris, LCSW and I 

              Monique Harris, LCSW and I 

What a better way to end the year or start the new year than with family and friends prioritizing the things you want for yourself.

So far a few of my friends have seen their visions come to reality like buying a home, going back into school, and having a savings. They tell me how much this party and vision board helped them be more focused and deliberate in their aspirations.



This has become a yearly event and I hope to continue to help others identify and reach their goals.