As a thank you from Haidy and Jeff for attending their wedding in San Perdo on Ambergris Caye, Belize they invited everyone to go snorkeling and swimming with sharks at Shark Raye Alley. I was a little nervous at first and I didn’t want this #Tishontour to come to a sudden end, but you only live once right?

Shark Ray Alley is about 20 minutes south form where we were staying in San Pedro and about 10 minutes from the Hol Chan Cut were we went 1st to go snorkeling.  This area became popular after fisherman would clean their fish here and noticed all of the nurse sharks and sting rays appearing. This is now one of the most popular sites to see in Belize.   This excursion (Hol Chan Cut & Shark Ray Alley) runs about $35.00USD and worth every penny.

 These nurse sharks swim right up to the boats, because they know they are going to be fed. Each boat had a bucket of chum (you know like from Sponge Bob lol) Nervous was not even the word I could use to describe my feeling when I was trying to feed them and the biggest one jumps up and snatches the fish out of my hands. Let’s just say I screamed some not so nice words. These nurse sharks average 4-6 feet in length, but are very docile. 


When I first got in the water I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I realized they were only looking food that was not me I was able to calm my nerves and play around with them a little bit. My guide had one of them by the tail and was rolling around with it. I wasn’t going that far they are still sharks lol.

These big teddy bears were so friendly. I’m not sure who this was, but it was someone from our boat. The photo credits go to Richelle for this awesome picture.

The sting rays were going their own thing and not really worried about us. Richelle was able to snap this gorgeous picture of this ray while we were down there.  I was so in the moment I had to remind myself to use my camera. That’s how you know it was worth it.

We came, we saw, we swam, we Belized it!