The 1st attraction we visited in Tokyo was the Robot Show. This building had so much going on it was a little overwhelming for my senses, but this overload was a good thing. It was like this psychedelic kaleidoscope. The entrance fee was about $70.00 USD without dinner.

There are daily shows with various times. The shows are subject to cancel without notice due to maintenance issues or the weather (mainly during typhoon season)

You have to be at the show 30 minutes before show time. The schedule changes each week, but there are usually three shows a day and sometimes four (5:55pm, 7:50pm, and 9:45pm)

When we arrived at the place we entered this far-out cool colorful lounge like area. There were robots playing saxophones and pianos. There are wall murals that looked like tattoos. We were able to enjoy a few libations and snacks while listening to the robots play a tune or two.

When it’s close to show time we were directed to a small 3-4 row stadium seating area. The space is close and the seats are like the ones you would have at the movies minus (the cushion) with a small table area in front of you. The show lasts about 90 minutes with an intermission during that time frame. This show is loud and non-stop captivating action between dancers with routines, people riding robots, robots flying, and the coolest part the robot dinosaur going over your head. This was one of the things that Ty talked about  the most when we returned home.