In 2012 I had been feeling a little stagnant in my life. I had tons of goals, but they all seem to be running together and I could not focus on any of them. I didn't feel very motivated to accomplish anything, well prioritize them while keeping them practical. I felt like something was missing. I could see them in my head, but because I was constantly contemplating on all of these goals it was hard to keep them straight. Then I had a thought. What better way to see all of those things than a vision board!

My friend gave me a gift card to the Container store as a gift, so I bought this really nice cork board and was determined to do a vision board. Well, it sat in the closet for a few months and then a corner for a few months more. I finally dusted it out and started doing it!

A vision board helps you see your goals and speak them into existence. You place this somewhere that  you will see it every day so you will be reminded of the things you want to accomplish. It can be finding a new job, getting out of debt, losing weight, etc. Your board is whatever you feel you need and want to accomplish or just positive words to help you start off your day. I used magazine clippings of pictures and words to help me with mine.  

Now, let’s not be hasty and think that if we pin a million dollars that we will get it. You have to put in the work to make these things come true. You are putting out the energy, but you also have to put in the work. It would be silly of me to think that because I cut out a picture of this nice home that tomorrow or next month it will be mine. What will I do to help me get this house? Will I save? Do I have a realtor? Pinning the picture just reminds me to do all of those things. If you post job/employment on your vision board ask yourself, “Have I applied? Do I have a resume?” The point I am trying to make is that we are the masters of our own destiny and if you place that goal in front of you it is kind of hard to forget it. Remember, Rome was not built in a day so you cannot accomplish everything at once…PRIORITIZE.  Here is my vision board. Over the years I have added, removed, and re-positioned things. I like using the cork board, but these can be done in many different ways such as: poster boards, digital, or Pinterest boards.

                             4 Steps in Creating a Vision Board: 

1.      Write out your goals then think SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely)

2.      Cut out pictures and words that are goals or things that inspire you

3. Place them on a corkboard/poster board and hang it in place that you will see it EVERYDAY

4. Work on meeting those goals

I am a firm believer in claiming what God has for you. Speaking your dreams and goals into existence by visualizing them helps keep you focused on what it is that you want to accomplish. Nothing is too big or impossible you just have to believe in it and give it life.